Dr. Sumeet Dua

Max P. and Robbie L. Watson Eminent Scholar Chair

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High Definition (HD) Video

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The Access Grid node at Louisiana Tech uses High-Definition (HD) video to achieve a near perfect perception of a remote site.

The high bandwidth Louisiana Optical Network makes full motion high-definition video links over Access Grid possible by supplying enough bandwidth for a full two-way interactivity and data exchange.

The high-definition components of the Access Grid consist of the following:

The capture function (sending), consisting of an HD camera, Centaurus HD-SDI capture card, and UltraGrid software, produces a 1.5 Gbps UDP data stream of uncompressed HD video that is transferred over a 10GE network interface to the high-speed IP network.

The HD video stream display (receiving) uses either a software-based solution with color depth down-sampling and field de-interlacing, or another Centaurus card. Data distribution to individual participants of the videoconference is achieved using a user-controlled UDP packet reflector based on the Active Element idea. The viability of this system has been demonstrated at the iGrid 2005 conference for a three-way high quality videoconference among sites in the Czech Republic, Louisiana, and California.

Two semester length graduate courses have been taught from LSU over the high definition component of the Access Grid and received at Louisiana Tech as well as other campuses including Europe.

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