Dr. Sumeet Dua

Max P. and Robbie L. Watson Eminent Scholar Chair

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Student Thesis

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Dissertations/Thesis Advisor:

36. Spatiotemporal Subspace Feature Tracking by Mining Discriminatory Characteristics, Ph.D. in Computational Analysis and Modeling Dissertation; Student: Richard Appiah (2017)

35. Metagenome Analysis using Expectation Maximization, Masters in Computer Science Thesis; Student: Mihir Karnik (2014)

34. Development of a Clique-based Dimensionality Reduction Technique and its Applications to Gene Expression, Masters in Computer Science Thesis; Student: Kankana Shukla (2014)

33. Classification of Diabetes Maculopathy Images based on Data-adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference Classifier, Masters in Computer Science Practicum; Student: Sulaimon Ibrahim (2013)

32. Agent-based Social Network Dara Generation Using Semantic Tagging and Tag-based Social-link Algorithms, Masters in Computer Science Thesis; Student: Joshua Hitchins (2013)


31. Adaptive Grid Based Localized Learning for Multidimensional Dara, Ph.D. in Computational Analysis and Modeling Dissertation; Student: Sheetal Saini (2012)


30. Folksonomy based Ad Hoc Community Detection in Online Social Networks, Masters in Computer Science Thesis; Student: Vasanth Raghu Nair (2012)


29. Data Adaptive Rule Based Classification System, Masters in Computer Science Thesis; Student: Mohit Jain (2012)


28. Data Mining based Learning Algorithms for Semi-supervised Object Identification and Tracking; Ph.D. in Computational Analysis and Modeling Dissertation; Student: Michael P. Dessauer (2010)

27. Associative Pattern Mining for Supervised Learning; Ph.D. in Computational Analysis and Modeling Dissertation; Student: Harpreet Singh (2010)

26. Unsupervised Similarity Mining in High Dimensional Data; MS-CS Thesis; Afolabi Olomola (2010)

25. Automated Valuation Models Using Data Mining Techniques- An Application to Real Estate Valuation; MS-CS, Student: Preet K. Sekhon (2009)

24. An Integrated Approach for Identification of Cell-cyclic Genes in the Saccharomyces Cerevisiae; MS-CS Thesis, Student: Alan E. Alex (2009)

23. Integrated Mining of Feature Spaces for Bioinformatics Domain Discovery, Ph.D. in Computational Analysis and Modeling Dissertation; Student: Pradeep Chowriappa (2008)

22. Gene Ontology based Gene Expression Mining; MS-CS Practicum, Student: Kameshwari Palepu (2008).

21. Wavelet based Approach for Detecting Cognitive States in fMRI Images; MS-Biomedical Engineering, Student: Priti Srinivasan (2008).

20. Unsupervised Feature Selection Filter Method based on Information Gain; MS-CS Thesis, Student: Feifei Xu (2007)

19. A Simplistic approach to Face Detection over the Access Grid Medium; MS-CS Thesis, Student: Robert W. Clowers (2007)

18. Protein Structural Classification using Mining of Frequent Patterns in Concave Protein Surfaces; MS-CS Thesis, Student: Shirin A. Lakhani (2007).

17. A Framework or studying the efficacy of Parameters accounting towards solutions in Data Mining; MS-CS Thesis, Student: Manish K. Gupta (2006).

16. Quad-tree based approach for Bi-clustering of Gene Expression Data; MS-CS Thesis, Student: Padma P. Korimilli (2006).

15. Optimized Greedy Algorithm based sensor placement for distributed sensor network; MS-CS Thesis, Student: Ankur Rajopadhye (2006).

14. A Computational Framework for Autonomous Comparison of Protein Classification Schemas; MS-CS Practicum, Student: Sireesha Krishna Guntaka (2006)

13. Fractal-based Method for Dimensionality Reduction of Gene Expression Data; MS-CS Thesis, Student: Sridhar Reddy Alluri (2006)

12. A Computational Framework for Structural Classification of Proteins Using Orthogonal Transformation and Class-Association Rules; MS-CS Thesis; Student: Praveen C. Kidambi (2006)

11. Discovery of Active Metabolic Paths using Association Rules; MS-CS Practicum; Student: Sree Harsha Pothireddy (2006)

10. Enhancement of Instructional Technology by Using Feedback Support System for Access Grid Framework; MS-CS   Thesis; Student: Shraddha Pathak (2005)

09. Web-Based Online Appointment Manager with Data Mining Capabilities; MS-CS Practicum; Student: Venkat Praveen Medikonda (2005)

08. Dihedral Angle based Dimensionality Reduction and Accurate Classification of Protein Structures; MS-CS   Thesis; Student: Naveen Kandiraju (2005)

07. Fast Protein Structure Classification using Spatial Aggregation of Orthonormal Coefficients; MS-CS Thesis; Student: Ravi Kanth Meka (2005)

06. Relevant Feature Extraction using Gene Ontology for Cancer Classification; MS-CS Thesis; Student: Vijay Raj Kukkala (2005)

05. Computational Identification of Tumor Gene Markers using Novel Dimensionality Reduction and Unsupervised Classification Techniques; MS-CS   Thesis; Student: Kaustubh Sabnis (2004)

04. A Visual Data Mining Framework for Similarity Search in Large Sequential Databases; MS-CS Practicum; Student: Sunil Gokak (2004)

03. Efficient and Flexible Update of Association Rules in Growing Databases; MS-CS Thesis; Student: Yifei Long (2004)

02. Fast Web Usage Mining for Automatic Web Personalization; MS-CS Thesis; Student: Suyang Zhang (2004)

01. Integrating image and text for heterogeneous data mining in Biomedical Informatics; MS-CS Practicum; Student: Vinay Manava (2003)

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