Dr. Sumeet Dua

Max P. and Robbie L. Watson Eminent Scholar Chair

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Shraddha Pathak (2005)

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Enhancement of Instructional Technology by Using Feedback Support System for Access Grid Framework; MS-CS   Thesis; Student: Shraddha Pathak (2005)

The objective of this study is to develop a unique feedback support system for enhancement of instructional technology over access grid computational framework. The framework of feedback system can add functionality to the existing collaborative research and conferencing environment using an access grid network. In this thesis, we propose a novel image feature based data mining approach for autonomously identifying a student, determining the attentive level of a student and discovering association relationships between the student’s attention levels and instructor’s positional behaviors. The framework is composed of mainly training and testing phases for finally attaining the attentive level of the student and the relation between the student and the instructor’s behavior over a period of time.  Students are registered in the training phase, and their feature vectors are discovered and stored. The feature vectors are employed for student identification in the testing phase with a very low degree of false alarms and false dismissals. To determine the attention level of a student, a video of the student’s behavior (taken at 30 frames/sec) is used, and a classifier is built using the time-changed feature information. Based on the attention levels, each student is reported as attentive or non-attentive. The training phase for behavior description between student and instructor is then performed which results in the classifier definition for the instructor’s positional behavior. Finally, association rule discovery is performed between the student’s attention class definition and positional behavioral class. This framework solves the difficulty of attaining online feedback from the audience in a collaborative research and conferencing environment, adding value to the access grid research project and its deployment in the collaborative education and research community.

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