Dr. Sumeet Dua

Max P. and Robbie L. Watson Eminent Scholar Chair

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Courses Taught at Louisiana Tech University:

1. CSC-120: Introduction to Computer Programming(Avg. Enrollment: 26; Spring-04)

2. CSC-122: Object Oriented Programming (Avg. Enrollment: 30; Spring-05)

3. CSC-425: Discrete Mathematics, Data Structures and Algorithms (Avg.  Enrollment: 28; Fall-02)

4. CSC-437: Programming Paradigms and Software Development (Avg. Enrollment: 27; Winter-03, Winter-04)

5. CSC-438: Advanced Data Structures and Algorithm Design (Avg. Enrollment: 9; Winter-05)

6. CSC-499/557: Biomedical Informatics (Avg. Enrollment: 31). Latest syllabus is available here.

7. CSC-493/579: Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery (Avg. Enrollment: 30; Spring-03, Fall-04, Fall-05, Fall-06, Fall-07, Fall-08, Fall-09, Fall-10, Fall-11, Winter-12). Latest syllabus is available here.

8. CSC-580: Advanced Data Mining, Fusion and Applications (Avg. Enrollment: 18; Fall-03, Winter-05, Winter-06, Spring-07; Spring-08; Spring-09, Spring-10, Spring-11, Spring-12, Spring-13). Latest syllabus is available here.

9. CSC-557: Introduction to Data Analytics (Avg. enrollment: 30; Spring-13). Latest syllabus is available here.


Courses Taught at Louisiana State University:

1.CSC-1250: Introduction to Computer Programming (Avg. Enrollment: 21)


New Courses Proposed and Taught:

1.CS-499 (undergraduate)/CS-557 (graduate): Biomedical Informatics (Summer-04)

2.CS-479 (undergraduate)/CS-579 (graduate): Data Mining for Bioinformatics (taught as above)

3.CS-580 (graduate): Advanced Data Mining for Bioinformatics (taught as above)


Each of the above proposed courses have attracted undergraduate and graduate students from Computer Science, Biomedical Engineering, Ph.D. in Computational Analysis and Modeling, Ph.D. in Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, Marketing and Business.



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